Faded Tune

The memory of the vast waters try to calm my mind,
But the tide and thoughts keep coming at me,
punching me harder than the waves hit the shore.
It’s sad that the winds played a silent melody.
Now I’m desperately trying to recall the words
that sounded like paradise to my ears.
I have muted the noise of the world.
I have embraced the quiet moonlight.
Yet still I can’t hear the music.



Lost Life

I race to places beyond my reach.
­­­My footsteps leave traces of confusion.­­
­­­I’m a stranger to directions,­­
I’m  a prisoner of distress.
­­­Where the laws are forbidden,­­
­­­My heart follows with passion,­­
­­­I’m buried under principles­­ designed to prove sanity,­­
­­­In vain ­I seek for solace,­­
­­­In places known to memories.­­
­­­Lost becomes a way of life,­­
­­­As I try to understand the rules set for me,­­
­­­I turn to my soul for comfort,­­
­­­With hope to deny this weakness within,­­
­­­But the destiny of my journey,­­
­­­Shows no light at the end ­of the tunnel.­­

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I voice my thoughts and sever the silence,

­strain my vocals hoping you’ll listen,

­but all ­I say is written on my face,

­can you hear me out?

­ ­

­Day after day ­I race with my thoughts,

­my strength is rapidly diminishing,

­yet all ­I can say, ­you already know,

­Are you even ­listening to me?

­ ­

­I’ve screamed, I’ve yelled every thought,

­effectively turning my mind numb,

­when all there is to say has been said,

­will you listen to me then?



For I wondered and pondered

Curled up like a fetus in the womb

Anxiously waiting to see the out side

Away from my pain and confusion

Looked out for all the ways, tried and failed

Laid my hand out for someone to hold me

Silently cried I want to get out, but no one could understand

With every smile, my heart was breaking

With every loud laughter, I wiped a tear

With every move on the dance floor

I would scream I want to be free, I want to be out

My past don’t follow me in the future

For I am finally free

Free from the pain and hurt

I smile with all the love from inside my heart

My laughter is a sign of the joy I hold inside

Every move on the dance floor is a shout of victory

For I have blossomed like a flower

Ready to be plucked and taken by its admirer.

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Pour down on me,­
­­The love in your heart,­
­­Infect me with the joy,­
­­Oozing from your eyes,­
­­Touch my quiet soul,­
­­With all your innocence,­
­­Coz my heart belongs to you.­

Come dance closer to me,­
­­Forget the lights above us,­
­­And the faces all around us,­
­­It’s just the two us tonight,­
­­Gliding on this slippery floor,­
­­Melodies play like the heavens,­
­­And my dreams come from you.­

Touch every part of me,­
­­Quench the longing I crave,­
­­My senses bellow to you,­
­­Take the ache binding me,­
­­Only you can be my captor,­
­­In a world full of boundaries,­
­­My freedom is right next to you.­

Butterfly Me

I wake up like a butterfly.

Full of life. Full of hope.

I’ll fly in the sun and rest against a wall,

I’ll be charmed by the beauty that adorns the day,

I’ll busk in the glorious wonders of the present,

And I’ll leave nothing to chance.

I am a butterfly,

I’ll fly to where the flowers bloom,

And I’ll rest on the most colourful petal,

Maybe I’ll fall in a ditch and wet my wings,

But still I’ll drift with the current, with the wind,

I am  a butterfly.


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The lone Wolf

This night we called our own is silent,

As calm as a doll that imitates sleep,

Yet my mind stays awake conflicted,

Haunted by the harmony of our union,

We’re living in a grave,

And I’m frozen in a state of illusions,

With dreams as empty to me as the wind,

That’s why my thoughts are racing,

To escape the madness of our existence,

For they show no mercy to our emotions,

The present has failed to endure our toxicity,

Why must we force a torturous nightmare upon ourselves?


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A poison has penetrated my soul.

Soon time will be no more.

Soon the story will change.

I lose myself in you because I must.

And I don’t want to be found.

I am where I need to be.

In the clutches of your soft melodies,

Melodies that caress and serenade my dreams,

They make love to core of my being.

I’m invested.

And I’ll make love to you with my eyes closed.

Time is not on my side.

I must ingest every last remaining word,

That trickles from your lips to blanket my ears.

I won’t be cushioned from reality.

Soon the emotion will be raw.

Soon the poison will scar me.


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